Who We Are

Skill Builders Botswana PTY LTD. is a BQA accredited training and HCM Solutions company founded in 2012 with the aspiration to build skills in people and to bridge the prevalent gaps in the employment market that is of significant national importance.

Our Vision
Skill Builders Botswana will build up an inspired strong, committed, and energetic workforce through its unique training interventions, services and student empowerment programs.

Our Mission
Build up people to be confident, vibrant individuals to form part of an energetic strong and inspired team and community to achieve excellence in every sphere of life.

Nation Building Empowerment Program

We believe in building the nation of Botswana one step at a time. We provide workplace readiness programs and mentorship for students and jobseekers and also conduct Leadership camps and career assistance programs. Our workplace readiness programs focus on encouraging the youth to set goals for themselves and look for careers rather than jobs. Preparing oneself for the workplace involves transitioning from a student to a professional. We offer mentoring and career assistance and this pillar of Skill Builders Botswana is free of cost and we intend it to stay that way as our contribution to the nation of Botswana.

Our focus is to reach the often-ignored remote areas of Botswana and conduct these programs so that the youth in these areas are benefited by our programs to help them see opportunities. We also help connect corporate entities to channelize their efforts in charitable giving towards meaningful and involving Corporate Social Responsibility events that reach the deserving and needy members of the community. This is also a purely voluntary mission of Skill Builders Botswana.

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