A comprehensive array of Human Capital Management Services and Consultation that provides you high standard and labour law compliant people management processes to ensure administrative relief, smooth benefits administration, reduced liabilities and dedicated Human Capital Management support. With our experienced service team, you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

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Human Capital Management Outsourcing

A comprehensive Human Capital Management solution that affords you a committed team that will manage your entire People Management Processes effectively under your roof. The service is tailored to meet the requirements of an organization.

Organizational Policy and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are a guiding tool that sets the parameters for all decisions and actions to be taken. This service includes review of existing policies and procedures and we come in as an advising body informed by labor laws.

Employee Engagement

Human Capital Management Desk- employees are given an opportunity to consult their Human Capital Management team on any issues related to their work or seek advice concerning their general welfare, opportunities within the organization or interpretation of policies and labor laws and as a preventative measure.


Newsletter- any communication that relates to the organization, including events, promotions, CSR activities.

Grievance, Mediation and Disciplinary

Address issues in a prompt, fair and orderly resolution of grievances arising out of employment. We ensure that employees have access to grievance procedures to address their grievable issues rapidly, fairly and without fear reprisal.

Employee Handbook Design and Content/Human Capital Management manual

We create employee handbooks which contain general guidelines, organizational policies and procedures, code of conduct and conditions of service.

Employee Life-Cycle Management

  1. Employee Contract Management
    SBB offers job analysis services that include creation of Job descriptions and contracts.
  2. Recruitment and Selection
    We offer an extensive recruitment and selection service. We assist in ensuring the best suitable candidate is selected for the job.
  3. Onboarding
    It is of great importance that new staff members are given an induction, to ensure that they have an understanding of their role requirements and understand the policies and procedures of the organization. Probation is also important as it sets out terms and conditions and is dependent on the role that the employee will be carrying out.
  4. Employee Development
    Assessment of employee skills and competencies to develop a personalized training and strategic development plan for each individual.
  5. Retention
    A preventative strategy is put in place to ensure employees are at liberty to deal, negotiate and be in a conducive environment that promotes growth and in so doing reduce staff turnover.
  6. Exit Management
    SBB handles the whole exit process, from exit clearance, to ensure the employee has returned all company property that was in their possession, to arranging exit medical exams.

HRDF Levy Management

We prepare all necessary documents to complete the HRDC package to ensure a smooth claiming process.

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