Skill Builders Botswana provides a complete and comprehensive suite of lean training and management courses designed to initiate and propel your Lean journey.

We offer basic training in Lean principles, detailed training in Lean tools, and leadership training for all levels of the organization.

Skill Builders Botswana can help your company reduce lead times, improve quality, reduce inventory, and open up capacity while exceeding your customer’s expectations.


Participants will learn the basic definitions of terms used in Lean Manufacturing. They will learn how to reduce manufacturing lead times by 80%, reduce work-in-progress by up to 90%, reduce floor space up to 75%, and improve quality up to 90%. The course consists of a combination of classroom learning and live simulation.

The goal of Lean 101 is to equip manufacturers to be more competitive in their respective markets. Through understanding how to implement Lean Principles, participants can make changes in their manufacturing plant that will eliminate waste, maximize productivity and increase profits.


5S is a workplace organization methodology designed to simplify production processes by giving workers from management to the shop floor an understanding of how work is accomplished. This course gives participants the knowledge they need to apply the 5S Lean Technique to their workplace. 5S is taught as the foundation of a Lean Enterprise and then applied to a selected area.

During the course, application activities will occur in a department or workstation of the participants’ facility. The area will be transformed into a more efficient work area and will be a showcase for illustrating 5S principles.


This course is designed to introduce participants to Value Stream Mapping in a hands-on manner. Participants will develop their ability to “see the flow” and design future state value streams.

Participants will learn the basic techniques of creating a Value Stream Map. The students will practice on a text-book exercise and then will map a real process within their own company. On day 2, the students will learn the methodologies for applying Lean tools to eliminate waste in the value stream. The course concludes with the students drawing a future state map and writing an action plan for achieving that future state.

As a result, the company will have an actionable plan and layout for a successful implementation.

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